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Industry Leader in Lead-Free Solder Technology


Founded in 2003
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Lead-Free Solder

ZOWYEH has a comprehensive lead-free solder program and is the industry leader in lead-free solder technology.

Our team has studied every aspect of lead-free solder, including solder alloy selection, solder paste evaluation, wave solder flux evaluation, process optimization, design rules, component evaluation, reliability, equipment evaluation, quality, inspection and test, and cost.

ZOWYEH has worked actively with industry consortia and standard organizations to facilitate the industry-wide transition to lead-free products.

Lead-Free pcb assembly includes:

  • Lead Free Rigid or Flexible Circuit
  • Lead Free Rework
  • Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards
  • Lead free Board Assembly (SMT or THT/PHT)
  • Lead Free Wave Soldering
  • Lead Free Materials Analysis

ZOWYEH not only assembles your lead-free boards — we can also assist you if you need help in determining if the materials in your Bill-of-Materials meet lead free pcb manufacturing requirements. We can even research lead-free components for you and send you a Bill-of-Materials with the appropriate components as part of our Turn-Key lead free proto assembly service.