Your PCB & PCB Assembly Partner Protecting your Intellectual Property

We Are Professional in PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly (PCBA). We make sure that your intellectual property are protected sufficiently.


Founded in 2003
Experienced in PCB

Headquarters Shenzhen


ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT Quality Control


Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits


ROHS Compliant

Intellectual Property

The product development costs the customers huge financial, time and manpower resource. The intellectual property constitutes part of the core competitiveness of the customers. To protect customers' intellectual property and business secret is our basic obligation and the basis to keep our business continuous successfully.

ZOWYEH has set up a system to make sure that the customer's intellectual property are protected sufficiently which includes standardizing the staff's activity, managing technical data, concluding agreements and dispensing the contract. We can sign the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT.

We are your PCB & PCB Assembly partner in China.